Explore the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, Al Jouf olive oil (زيت زيتون الجوف), and black olives (زيتون أسود).  

The Olea Europaea tree is the source from which olive oil is extracted. It is mostly found in the Mediterranean basin and parts of the African, and Asian continents. This tree is considered to be sacred in several cultures. The oil, which is extracted from its fruits, has numerous health benefits in addition to its culinary appeal. There are different types of olive oils starting from the much-desired extra virgin olive oil to al Jouf olive oil (زيت زيتون الجوف).

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil which is considered to be the finest variety of olive oil (زيت الزيتون) is derived from the first cold-pressing of olives. This ensures that it retains its natural goodness. This variety of oil has an abundance of antioxidants which include vitamin E and polyphenols. They help fight oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, it is rich in monounsaturated fats which go a long way in keeping your heart healthy and active.

Al Jouf olive oil (زيت زيتون الجوف):

Al Jouf olive oil (زيت زيتون الجوف) stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s rich olive heritage. The fertile soil and arid climate of the Al Jouf region help create the perfect conditions which are necessary for olive cultivation. This variety of oil is produced using age-old traditional methods which help in preserving its flavor and nutritional value. Al Jouf olive oil (زيت زيتون الجوف) contains polyphenols and tocopherols which are powerful antioxidants. These compounds help in strengthening the immune system and help delay the aging process.

Black olives (زيتون أسود): 

Black olives (زيتون أسود) are a common variety of olive fruit and have a unique taste. They are rich in vitamin E, iron, and fiber which help in preventing anemia and aid your digestion process. You can generously use them while making a salad, pasta, or pizza. Good taste coupled with great health, what more can one ask?

Benefits of olive (زيتون) oil

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, olive (زيتون) oil usage leads to several positives which are related to key health parameters.

  • Consumption of olive oil enhances the secretion of insulin and prevents damage to pancreatic cells.
  • Oleocanthal, which is a vital component of olive oil helps reduce joint pain.
  • The phenolic component present in olive oil is of help while treating patients affected with cancer.
  • Regular usage of olive oil (زيت الزيتون) helps in managing the high blood pressure of patients.


  • As you go through these lines, the benefits of using olive oil might have surely dawned on you. Being rich in vitamins, and minerals they help fight several diseases and lead to an overall improvement in quality of life. If you are looking for a place where you can get the best quality olive products, just have a look at nahralwadi.com. You can be assured of the best quality products at very reasonable prices. Happy Shopping!

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